The Best Article Writing Sites: An Exclusive Review

The Best Article Writing Sites



Content writing is developing as business organizations embrace Internet marketing as a core business mainstream aspect. What this means is that content writers are being sort to provide contents for websites, blog sites, press releases, and other media platforms on the internet.

1.1.1.                A list of the Best Paid Per Article Writing Sites

This is a resource site for those who would like to write on casual topics. The site is currently publishing in areas such as Home and Garden, which is a favorite topic that is gaining a lot of popularity for writers. The write ups are between 300 to1000 words and the pay is somewhere between $10 and $25. The users of the content are causal-end users and this means that the information should not be too technical to read and comprehend.

This is another useful site that offers a good pay for article writers. The site produces content in press releases, web contents, website landing page content, eBooks, blog posts, Google AdWords landing pages and internet marketing sales letters. If you know how to optimize web contents for example, through placing call to action, optimizing the text on a page and removing or cleaning up codes as well as inserting images and icons, then you would better give this a shot. Payment is somewhere between $10 per article and for bloggers it’s about $100 or more per blog per month to the bloggers. Content writers who can write in different dialects of German, French, Spanish, Italian and other major languages and are also able to read and write English, they can also apply.

This is a useful site where you can write articles on “How to topics”, reviews of software, services and sites. You can write on tips and tricks as well as online auctions. You can also write on issues that affect online auction sites. The articles are about 100-500 words in length. The pay is pre-negotiated for the regular articles. For stories about collectibles, a $20 per piece is offered. Read more about this site and see if you can register. When on their page, go down to the bottom of the home page. You will see the bottom dashboard where there is an icon for “Write For Us”.

Break studios offer an opportunity for those want to write about what they enjoy and what they are expert in. It offers a chance for writers passionate about the subject they write. They need writers who can produce short , smart pieces of articles in a timely manner. You can apply by submitting your resume and sample work. If your expertise meets their current topics, you will properly be hired.

This is niche writing site. It’s more specialized in writing about wars and military affairs. They cover armed forces all over the world. You can make your contributions and the pay is good and is about $20 per piece. This is a good pay. You can inquire more from the editor. The site archives this information and could be useful for future used.

This is a site that is dedicated to writing quality blog posts for their customers. They need highly skilled blog post writers to create masterpieces in different topics. The registration is simple; you register, submit a sample and there you are for the assignments.

Use this link and it will direct you to a page where you will provide more information about yourself. You will email a sample of your work and resume.

If you are a US based writer, this is an ideal site for you. You can apply online and the rewards are good for the work submitted. Quality is always embraced in their work.

Valley Direct Media is based in San Francisco, California. You can log on to their website and go to the jobs application section. Apply as a SEO content writer or web content writer. They pay somewhere around $4 per particle.

This is an outstanding site that requires you to deliver high quality writing. There are many topics to write about. You can also post your articles and set a price. You can as well view the current topics and write them. Remember this is a quality writing site.

They hire university students, graduates and masters’ students. This is an online research and writing company that provides research assistance services to students around the globe. Writers produce research papers for high school, university and masters. Earning depends on the work and its complexity level. It can range from $4 to $12 per page. If you have skills in academic and research writing, this is an opportunity to explore. You also get to learn as you research. This is double-edged-sword approach in your writing career. You earn as your learn.

If you are an expert journalist, a professional in specific field, you have the flair and passion to write online, you can provide your content through SEED. This is an open content submission site from AOL and requires content about current topics that Internet users need. Find more about this site by visiting their page.

This link takes you to a .pdf documents that gives you all the steps on how to apply. You will find a number of topics provided to write about. They have given instructions on how you can write the sample articles. Follow the instructions and give it your best quality. All submission details are provided.

Demandstudios empowers thousands of freelance writers to further advance their career. Content creators can connect with new audiences and begin to control their careers. They pay twice a week and it’s a good pay. You need to submit a very high quality sample content to secure your place in Demand Studios.

Contently connects professional writers with the brand publishers or content seekers. You create your profile online and you can secure yourself a good chance to explore your writing career. See if they accept writers from your country. You can know if your country is supported by attempting to scroll the State/country tab during your registration. If you don’t find your country listed on the State/country tab on the registration form, them they don’t accept writers from your country. You can grow to full time writer and if the work is exceptionally good, you can get an editor position scooping some of the best pays.

You need to have a Skype ID to register. There is plenty to write about. They are specialists in SEO contents and web contents. They accept writers with strong grammar and a good understanding of English. Quality is all what they need.

If you are an expert in a certain topic or field and you would like to be making regular contribution articles, you can register with LoveToKnow. You must apply online and not through email. Samples required and a complete writer’s application. Writers are required to have extensive experience in the chosen topic. At least a year in writing experience is required. Minimum of 6 months writing internet content is required. Payment is about $20 per 650 word article upon acceptance.

Is a resource site for those who would like to submit articles, book reviews and code snippets. The articles should be long enough to present a problem and its possible solutions. Article contents range from 1000-1500 words without the code snippet counts. Payment is $100 and the article is thoroughly reviewed before approval. Make the articles as lengthy as possible and keep within the content of the title.

This is a UK based company that is hiring US writers. You need to submit your CV, writers portfolio to the email address provided.

·         Best Five Everything

Writers create lists on their favorite subject. Relevant ads are placed on the list page. The total cumulative advertising earnings from the list pages are combined in one pool and 10% of the earnings are donated to charitable organizations. You earn points, which are converted into cash. Learn how it works from the site.

You can sign up with London Brokers and start earning from your content. You need to provide a Messager ID. You need to confirm that you are a native English speaker. The articles should be original and easy to read.

1.1.2.                A list of the Best Pay Per Word (PPW) Sites


This is an exciting site but is limited to US writers only. You complete the signup process and submit your resume and sample content. All writers are star rated and your contents quality will determine your rating. If you submit quality contents, you rating keep on improving meaning more earnings per article. Writers claim assignments on a first come first served basis.

  • Interact Media
    Another great site. This accepts writers from all parts of globe and your work must meet quality standards. Work is posted on notice board and you pick it on first come first served basis. Payment is good ranging from somewhere around $4 to $30 or even more. Mainly the amount per article is depended on the number of words required for the piece of work. An online test and application is offered.

You can apply as a writer for original contents or rewrites. Payment is done depending on tier levels. The better the quality of content you submit, the higher you improve your tier level and the better the pay. Quality is not compromised. Apply online if you can write formal article using proper English.

When you register with ContentCurrent, they assign you a topic to handle for your sample article. You create your article and submit. You would better give it your best short. They need quality articles. Check on the instructions given for the articles. SEO writing may help you much in securing a place with ContentCurrent. The pay is good.

This is US based writing site and requires the best of writers. The writers are white listed for the publishers to view their performance. The better the quality of work you produce from your assignments and meet deadline, the more you improve your rating. Publishers can easily spot you and direct assignments to your through Ecopywriters. Payment starts from $ 0.2 per Word. This is a good pay. You need to submit test sample content online and make your application.

This site requires particular content to be submitted to their magazine. There is an online magazine and print magazine. You can choose where your content will appear. They need content that is geared to helping people on how they can save time and money. The site is dedicated for publications that offer contents on “LIVING BETTER …FOR LESS”. Check it out. Pay is from $0.10 per word.

NB: Check out these new additions, they are equally important

1.1.3.                Bonus Data Entry Sites


If you have prior knowledge in data entry, this could be an ideal site. You are provided with online test where you key in numbers, and words. The ranking of your test result will determine whether or not you will be picked for the assignments. Remember that accuracy and speed counts very much in data entry. You can take the tests as many times as you want. Tests are provided after every 24 hours. Try it out.

Work is send through email and it is part-time job taking up to 20hours and will last for one year. After one year, if you meet their standards for offering excellent work, you can be hired on full time basis working up to 40 hours. Salary is $350 per week for beginners’ part-time employees, and $700 per week for fulltime. You need to meet set targets upon the assignments you are given.

 A Note from the Author:

 Dear writers and data entry professionals! Take your career to the next level by choosing the most appropriate sites that you feel meet your writing needs and expectations. You can choose only a few and dedicate yourself to those sites. Good luck and always give your best quality articles.

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